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Planning Services

Complimentary Portfolio Review

If you knew we would complete a complimentary, no obligation review of your investment portfolio, would you contact us? We would like to give you a chance to experience our knowledge and client service in action.

Foundation Planning Report

Spend an hour with one of our financial planners and get a better understanding of what is working well and what you need to adjust. Together we will review your financial situation, goals and objectives. You will receive a written report and recommendations. This report provides a snapshot of your objectives and risk profile; an analysis of your current investments and insurance products; observations about strengths and gaps; and an action plan. Use this plan to create a foundation on which you can enhance your personal and business planning. Also, it will give you a base from which to discuss your financial needs with Allied or any bank, mutual fund company or life insurance representative.

Financial & Retirement Planning

Before you make a decision, get advice you can trust. Whether you are trying to decide how to make your RRSP contribution this year, the best way to invest an early retirement package or how to handle large cash balances from the sale of business or personal assets, we have a financial planning option to suit your needs.

Many people find it worthwhile and reassuring to consult an expert in financial planning. Our financial plans create blueprints to help you achieve financial independence and other significant goals - on your terms. We take time to thoroughly understand your financial situation, objectives and time horizons. This means your plan is tailored to meet your needs. A letter of engagement is signed before the work begins so you know what level of analysis you will receive and what the fee is. The fee is tax deductible.

A number of options gives you the flexibility to choose the level of analysis you require. A comprehensive financial plan is a good idea if you are planning for retirement, in the process of succession planning or feeling like you need an objective and thorough overview of your financial affairs. Once a comprehensive plan is completed, you are not obligated to implement the product recommendations through Allied. You will receive an objective, personal written report from our financial planning specialist.


  • Are uncertain about their financial circumstances and want a complete review and update;
  • Do not know why they bought the investments they have;
  • Want a better understanding of projections for a successful retirement;
  • Plan to leave an estate and wish to reduce future tax liability on income and property;
  • Have large amounts of cash, pension, early retirement or early vesting options.