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"A Brief History of Allied" Thumbnail

"A Brief History of Allied"

Farming Newsletter

It was a cold snowy day February 22, 1956 when Gerald & Beverly Baines opened the first “Allied” office under the name Atlas Farm Services of Canada Limited on Dundas St downtown London over top of the Odeon Move Theater. They had leveraged his car for $1,500.00 for startup and payroll. 

It was a cold blistery finish to the day and on the way home Beverly asked “what the heck are we doing” … it was too snowy to go canvas farmers to sell his Automobile Roadside Assistance Insurance and they needed income to pay the rent, mortgage on the car and food on the table.

The next day the weather cleared, and Beverly sent Gerry out to visit farmer laneways in Middlesex County. He made some sales and the business started to grow. New products and services were added from Automobile, Tractor and Accident Insurance to Vet Supplies, Baler Twine, Chattel Mortgages, and used Farm Equipment … if a farmer needed something, they would source it and deliver it.

As the business grew and employees were added they relocated to 373 Queens Ave and continued to grow as Allied Farm Services of Canada Limited. In 1962 the Canadian Government introduced Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and the accountant Bill Davies suggested Allied prepare their clients income tax and CPP return; it was less than two pages back then!

The Allied Accounting & Tax Services Limited’s business model was set; renew the Disability Insurance May through September and complete the accounting and tax preparation September through April resulting in full time employees and a sustainable business model. As the business continued to grow, they moved again in 1973 to 210 Oxford St East and began to build the accounting and income tax side of the business under Allied Accounting and Tax Services Limited.

In 1992 Allied Financial Services Limited was created to service Allied Accounting & Tax Services Limited clients with investment and insurance products. Growing rapidly through the pioneer years of the mutual fund business, they made sure the client was taken care of and happy with all aspects of the services.

A succession plan was implemented in 1998 and prior to Gerry’s passing in September Allied Accounting and Tax Services Limited was sold to senior management and Allied Financial Services Limited was sold to Kirk Baines and John Wilkin. Kirk bought John out in 2008. Both companies continued to grow and are well respected service providers to Agricultural Producers in Southern Ontario. Both companies are now in new location in London and continue working in the client’s best interest.

This year “Allied” as a group celebrates 65 years in business, with Allied Financial Services Limited celebrating 30 years in 2022 and Allied Associates llp celebrating 22 years this year. 

We look forward to being of service to our clients, protecting and growing their family wealth for many generations to come. As Allied Financial begins its transition to its next generation, stay tuned for more news in the coming months and years.  It is a journey, not an event!

We thank you for your continued support, Kirk.

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