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Allied Financial Services has been serving clients in the agricultural and small business communities of Ontario since 1992.

Located in London, Ontario, Allied Financial Services offers investment and insurance advice that is tailored to your individual needs and objectives. We strive to create an effective, appropriate and personalized investment strategy that is designed to help you reach your financial goals.

A Complementary Investment Portfolio and Insurance review will start you on the right track for your financial future.

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Kirk Baines Photo

Kirk Baines

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Kirk Baines

Allied Financial Services

Senior Financial Advisor
Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Life Insurance Advisor 
Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.

Kirk Baines heads Allied Financial Services, a unique wealth and risk management firm based in London. Kirk has over 28 years of experience in investment consulting. Working closely with his clients and other professionals, he develops strategies to assist with wealth, retirement, and estate planning needs through offering product solutions that are tailored to agricultural producers.


Janine Campbell Photo

Janine Campbell

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Mutual Fund Advisor Assistant
Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Rebekah Hunter Photo

Rebekah Hunter

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Administrative Assistant
Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Insurance Assistant
Allied Financial Services 

Products & Services

Investment Management

The Investment landscape is vast. Our trusted professionals can help  develop a strategy that is right for you


Insurance Risk Management

 Insurance isn't just security, it's a vehicle to maximize your future wealth. Find out how a personalized strategy will work for you


 Integrated Approach

We keep in touch with your alliance of professionals to make sure you're future is on the right track


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