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A Farmer's Life - Share your stories with us! Thumbnail

A Farmer's Life - Share your stories with us!

Farming Newsletter

Ever since I was young, I have loved to hear a good story. Especially true stories. I think stories can inspire, teach, and make people feel connected to the storyteller. Story telling can be powerful stuff. That is why we are hoping you will share your stories with us. 

Over the years I have met some incredible Farmers and have learned some amazing things about hardships and the beauty in the farming way of life. Things I never knew or might not have ever known had they not told their stories. One thing I have learned about Farmers is that they are what I like to call “real people”.

Growing up, in the back seat of my Dad’s Ford Country Squire as he visited his clients during the summer, even then, it was clear Farmers were real cool people, doing some real cool things with their hands and minds. Watching my father interact with his clients and the pride he took in talking with them showed me the value of storytelling. He would come home most nights with a story of the day and what his clients had taught him. 


As then, we all look forward to listening to your stories, so give us a call or send an email and we can share some!

Share your stories with us!

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