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A Year of Uncertainty  Thumbnail

A Year of Uncertainty

Finances with Kirk Newsletter

In reflection of this last year one word comes to mind…uncertainty.

This year has been a roller coaster of volatility and a lot of uncertainty. Not just with the economy, but with our personal lives as well. Uncertainty of how far this virus is going to go, uncertainty with lockdowns and isolation and uncertainty of when we get to feel safe again. At Allied Financial Services, in times like these, we find it helps to count our blessings and the holidays are a perfect time to do that. At the very top of our blessing list is you. It would have been a very stressful year had we not had your confidence and trust. Our job is to take care of your financial health in good times and bad. That can be extremely hard without the support of our clients, so from the bottom of our heart, we want to thank you.  Your incredible resilience to stay the course and trust in our abilities is so very much appreciated. It really paid off and the markets are projected to have positive outlook for 2022. So here's to another great year with you!

The Year Ahead – 30 Years of Service Celebration

Next year Allied Financial Services will celebrate 30 years of service and it is going to be all about thanking you for your business. We are so lucky to work for amazing people like all of you. We have thoroughly enjoyed having the privilege of getting to know you and your families, watching your kids grow up and sitting at your kitchen table for our chats. When your clients feel more like friends and family than you know you are pretty lucky. Here are some ways we are going to celebrate you next year:

  • A thank you appreciation gift
  • We will be celebrating at the Western Fair Farm Show, March 9 - 11 
  • Weekend getaway. Keep your newsletters, each newsletter has a trivia question based on the previous issue. Winner drawn at year end.
  • We will feature a few stories in some of our newsletters about some of our remarkable clients 

Thank you and all the best for the holidays,

Kirk, Tara, Janine, & Stacey

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