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Ailing Parents  Thumbnail

Ailing Parents

Lifestyle Newsletter

Taking care of ailing parents is something almost all of us experience or will experience at some point. This can be an incredibly challenging time for the best of us. Along with the emotional roller coaster, there are impactful decisions that are not easy to make. Decisions like, are you able to take care of your loved one in your home or do you need to consider long-term care? Sometimes loved ones are not in the frame of mind to assist with these decisions which can create overwhelming guilt.

At times like these reaching out for support is so important.

Over the next several newsletters we will do a series on ailing parents where we will share information and resources that we hope you will find helpful:

Funding Care

Dementia and Alzheimer Disease

Palliative Care

Stages of Caregiving

The importance of a will

How can we help … aging is not a fun topic and can lead to guilt, stress, and family conflict. The first article on Funding Care is in Allied’s wheelhouse. We can assess and project costs to make sure there will be enough cash to make your family member comfortable. Estate plans can be affected as well and by including us in the discussions, we can help navigate the numbers.

We are here to be of service, let Tara or Kirk know and we can have that initial conversation to get you started and be part of the process for as long as you see the value.

Call us we will be happy to help.

Funding Care

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