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Are you ready to travel?

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If you are used to travelling every year, I bet you are getting extremely antsy to get away right now. I know I am. COVID has really limited our options. When I think about taking a big trip, it is usually somewhere outside of Canada. Unless you have an extra 14 days to spare, you are not travelling outside Canada right now. I know it might seem unpatriotic of me, but Canada is not the first trip to come to mind when I want to experience somewhere different, but why not Canada? There is an unmentionable number of spots in Canada that would be a new experience for me and when you go digging there are some amazing places to explore right here at home. Since the rules regarding crossing our boarders and flying to other countries are still a little fuzzy right now, it might be a great time to explore Canada. Some of you might have seen a lot of Canada already, but were these trips the usual spots like Niagara Falls or our capital city? How about discovering the not so known spots? The places you may have never even heard of.  

I went searching for unique spots in Canada and there is a lot of information out there on this topic. On a website called Culture Trip, I found a whole page of unique destinations in Canada in an article by a writer named Haley Simpson (“theculturetrip.com”). Here are just a few that she wrote about that caught my eye:

Haida Gwaii

Formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, the Haida Gwaii archipelago sits off the coast of northwestern British Columbia. It is home to incredible surfing beaches, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, natural hot springs, lush rainforests and small communities. It’s inhabited by the native Haida people, who were once known as the Vikings of the Pacific Northwest.


Diefenbunker is a four-story, 100,000sqft (929sqm) underground bunker, which today houses Canada’s Cold War Museum. It’s definitely the dark horse when it comes to Ottawa’s museums. Found on the city’s outskirts in Carp, it was built between 1959 and 1961 to shelter Canadian government officials in the case of a nuclear attack.


With a population of just over 1,300 people, not many people know about Dawson in northwestern Yukon. Once a base during the Klondike Gold Rush in the 19th century, and with many of its buildings preserved, it resembles a town out of an old Western movie. Starting from the city, you can join the Dempster Highway to road trip on to Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk.


I also found this site for exploring Canada. This website has everything to help you plan a trip anywhere in Canada. You can filter by province, or you can search trips by type of adventure, relaxation, culture, natural wonders and many more https://caen-keepexploring.canada.travel/. This site also has a page on COVID safety tips and the latest information on COVID and travelling you might want to check out while planning your trip.

Wherever you decide to go this summer we hope you have a great vacation and whole new experience!

If you take any “share-worthy” pictures, send them our way. We would love to share them with our readers.

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