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DIY Projects

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This month we are straying from recipes. If you are like me, once the fall comes, I start to get the urge to do a small project, a project where I can make something with my own two hands. Just a small project that fulfills my creative side. This year I am taking on one of those chunky blankets. They are beautiful, do not take a long time to complete and who doesn't like a soft blanket to snuggle up with on cold winter nights. So, in the spirit of inspirational ideas, I am sharing DIY projects with you in case you are looking for your next project. There are so many and too many to pick just one, so I settled on a website (This Crafty Home) that has 51 Creative DIY Christmas Gifts. I know you might be thinking "Christmas already, we just had Thanksgiving", but if you have a lot of gifts you will have to make this might be the perfect time to get started. Some of the ideas are also great weekend projects to take on with the kids so they can feel like they are contributing to Christmas presents without spending a lot of money.

51 Creative DIY Christmas Gifts

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