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Farm Safety 2022 Thumbnail

Farm Safety 2022

Lifestyle Newsletter

Every year in March, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association delivers Canadian Agricultural Safety Week to assist Farmers prepare for the new season. Farmers know how important safety is for the lively hood of the farm and the topic has probably been on their minds as the labour intense season has been approaching. Are my tools in good order? What things do I need to ensure my equipment is in top shape? One thing that can slip Farmers' minds is their own equipment and by own equipment I mean their body. Getting out on the field again or beginning calving season means long hours with lots of physical consequences. Without warming up or preparing your body for physical labour, sore muscles, torn ligaments and injuries are very possible. So, when doing you prep this year how about warming up the most important equipment because an injury could have huge consequences for you, which means the farm. 

I gathered some resources to help you, or your farm employees have a safe season. Hope these resources help.

Physical Prep

Yoga Warm up for Farmers

Here is a website that has a whole series of videos specific to calving season and women to help prevent to injuries and strains as they work through the physically intensive calving season. The stretches and warm-ups are tailored specifically to the needs of calf-rearers and strengthen muscle groups commonly used during the calving season.

Farm Strong - Fit for calving

The same website above has a 4-week challenge for Farmers to “turn on their core”.

You can find the other 3 videos here Turn on Your Core Challenge

All Other Prep

CASA has free online safety courses on a variety of topics.

Tractor & Farm Machinery

Agricultural Machinery Safeguarding

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Health and Safety Orientation

Dairy Worker Safety Orientation Series

Grain Safety Training

Here is the link 

CASA Training

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