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How does inflation affect my investment portfolio? Thumbnail

How does inflation affect my investment portfolio?

Finances with Kirk Newsletter

The impact of inflation is easily noticed when it hits your wallet but rising prices can also hurt retirement savings. How does inflation impact investment portfolios in the long run?

Always a big question, below are some interesting statistics and comments on the affects of inflation on your portfolios. For Allied Financial Services clients with income flows coming from their investments, we have used a “Cash Wedge” as a hedge against inflation (and to take growth/profits to cash). Our strategy is to make sure we have enough in an interest-bearing account to fund the income requirements. On a periodic timetable, we take profits from the funds and move to interest bearing savings to make the systematic payments, without having to worry what the markets were doing the day your money goes to you. Have questions on your Income Flows, give us a call.

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How does inflation affect my investment portfolio?

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