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Kirk’s thoughts on Janine’s retirement Thumbnail

Kirk’s thoughts on Janine’s retirement


Heck of a career … dedicated to our clients!

Janine Campbell had just finished up a contract at London Health Sciences Foundation and on May 2, 2005, she started her new career in finance with us. She came highly recommended by the LHSF Team, and we knew going in she was the detailed person we needed.

Fast forward 17 years and Janine is now ready to retire and enjoy her family life more. She has been caring for her mother for the last 5 years and has had our support to be there when she was needed. She was able to balance both with grace and professionalism.

Throughout her career she has been dedicated to making sure we stayed true to our promise of “client’s best interest first”. She learned her craft with excitement and although many of you have not met her in person, she holds your trust and friendship dear to her heart. 

Janine has been the one who has kept me on the go and made sure there was little time for me to do anything but see clients. She has worked hard to make sure we were prepared for client meetings, paperwork was in good order, ready to explain and sign. 

She has been an anchor for both me and our clients, many of you that have known her through her emails, letters, phone calls and great recipes in our newsletters! Her dedication and no BS attitude help make the bad time better and the good times fun.

We will miss her, there will be big shoes to fill, but she has prepared us well for this transition and we are confident she will be enjoying her family and not be taking too many frantic calls from us. Just kidding … we will be in touch on Monday May 30th!!

Join me in celebrating her time with her Allied Family and her long-awaited retirement. Please share a message to her by clicking on the link below, email your thoughts, comments, or good recipes … we will need more!

Email us

She will be “over the moon” come May 26th and your thoughts will help her move ahead with the pride and knowledge she is leaving us in a better place than when she came.

THANK YOU, JANINE, … been a heck of a ride and your presence is always welcome with your Allied Financial Family, cheers 


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