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Lunches On the Go

Lifestyle Cooking With Janine Newsletter

Farmers are crazy busy during planting season, so odds are someone else is planning and cooking their meals. Cooking 3 meals a day is a lot of work, never mind that these meals have to be ready to eat in the field. That is why we are dedicating this month’s recipe article to all those hardworking cooks out there. We gathered recipes that focus on meal prep and things that help cut down on time in the kitchen. Planning meals can be just as hard as making them, so we went in search of sites that had a ton of variety to make planning a little easier. 

We found some helpful recipes that were specifically for Farmers in the fields. Some even had full weekly meal plans. We also found some blogs that focus on lunches and how to prep and freeze for later. We really hope these resources are helpful. Enjoy!

Meal Plan from The Farm Wife Cooks

This one is for cold lunches.

Field Lunches from This Farm Girl Cooks

Farmer approved tractor meals from Prairie Californian

These resources are not farm specific but are great recipes for make-ahead lunches.

Lunch Prep from The Girl On Bloor   

This one is if you want healthy options.

They are delicious too!

Cost savings meals from Prudent Penny Pincher

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