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March Health and Wellness -Being a parent is hard.... Thumbnail

March Health and Wellness -Being a parent is hard....

Lifestyle Wellness with Tara

Meet Poppy.

Being a parent is hard. I often wish there were “parenting bibles” out there with all the answers, but how could there be. Every child is unique, and each parent comes from vastly different environments that influence how they raise their children. So it is almost impossible for a one size fits all guide book. However, there are a wide variety of resources out there to help. The trick sometimes is knowing where to find them. 

The newest topic that might be on a parent’s radar is how to deal with helping a child cope with COVID-19 restrictions and isolation. Children need interaction for all kinds of developmental growth…. language, creativity, empathy, communication and confidence. Children may not understand why they are being kept inside away from friends. They may be feeling uncertain, restless or anxious. So how do we help them recognize and identify how they are feeling? 

A great communication tool called M.I. Understanding was designed with the help of experts at The Child Development Clinic at Western University. They created a character named Poppy who is designed to help families develop strategies, start a conversation, and bridge the gap-to-care with tools to strengthen education and medical support. Through videos and story telling M.I. Friends is a helpful resource for parents and caregivers looking to support children through this challenging time.

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