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Meet Our Newest Team Member Thumbnail

Meet Our Newest Team Member

Farming Newsletter

We would like to formally introduce Tara Robbins, our newest team member. We are so very lucky to have met Tara.  Finding someone that truly shares your values is not an easy task, and through a close associate we met and knew immediately Tara needed to be part of our team moving forward. Currently Tara is learning the ropes and getting a better understanding of the processes we follow to deliver the best service we can provide. She has brought our website up to date, been researching and adding new tools to help us better deliver services to you, our clients. 

Tara has a passion to learn and has been absorbing information and applying it to the task at hand with precision. It will not be long before she is ready to bring her passion for helping you secure and manage your family’s goals. 

Hi Everyone, I am Tara, the newest member of the Allied Team. I am thrilled to be here and cannot wait to meet all of you. In the meantime, Kirk has asked me to share with you the journey that led me to Allied Financial…. 

My husband, Darren and I are blessed with four amazing boys aged 26, 21, 18, 16. Family life has always been our focus and had us doing a fine balancing act with our careers. It was not until my youngest started school that I could focus on my career full time. Before Allied Financial my career was in a different industry altogether. I was a business owner of a fitness studio with two locations. I thoroughly enjoyed being a business owner. I learned so many professional and personal skills that enriched my life, including, financial management, human resources, marketing, community development and so much more. 

Early in 2017, I decided to sell my business and stay home to care for a loved one. This person was a big part of my world and a mentor to my husband, my boys and myself. It was my turn to give back to him.   During this time, forever thinking about me, he suggested that the time spent caring for him could allow me to think about changing careers. He thought I would be a good fit as Financial Advisor. Although I was passionate about the stock market and investing, I did this because it was my hobby. I was confused that he suggested a drastic change in career paths, I did not see the connection. Fitness and Finance, I thought could not be more different. As I thought more about this, it became clear. A big reason I loved being a Fitness Coach was I enjoyed listening to people share their goals, helping them create a plan to achieve them and then giving guidance along the way. It was a very rewarding career. I cared about my clients, and their success became my success. All very important attributes in becoming a successful Advisor. With my mind set on this new challenge I started exploring the education route I would need to take and so I began my studies. Over the following three years, I completed my education to become a licensed Investment Advisor. 

Early 2020, my loved one’s health took a turn for the worst and he needed to be in a facility that was wheelchair equipped. I no longer needed to give him full-time care, which meant it was time to look for a job in my new career. When the opportunities started coming along, I began to realize that I did not just want any job in this field. I wanted to find a company that valued it customers’ needs above all else. I have a deeply rooted value system in being an honest and ethical person and I wanted to work for someone that could say the same. I am the Mother of four boys, and I strive to be a good role model for them. Finding a place I would be proud to claim as my employer was very important. I could not find this for a while until, by chance, I stumbled upon Kirk. His sense of integrity was clear right from the start. The way he talks about his clients, like they are very close family and friends, gave me insight into his values. This was the place I wanted to be and with the charitable work Kirk does just added more clarity for me. 

After meeting Janine, I am now very excited to say I get to work with two people that share the same values as me. Getting to know Janine has been a pleasure. She truly has a passion for achieving great customer service and it shows in all her work. I have been with Allied for six months and I am so very lucky to be a part of this team. The future looks bright, and I looking forward to meeting all of you.


A note from Kirk: Our goal is to have Tara continue to learn the business and become a fully licensed Investment Advisor in the next couple of years and look forward to introducing her to you as soon as possible. Tara has added tremendous value to our team, and we are confident you will see what we see. Below are some of Tara’s community activities as a business owner. 

Stay safe and enjoy the summer, Kirk.

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