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Finances with Kirk Newsletter

Here is a PDF copy of the document above 20 Year Retrospective

Opportunities … our markets are affected by geopolitical events currently on the world stage and our hearts go out to all people who are suffering through this. It is a travesty we allow so few to have such an effect on the people of the world. Peace please …

Attached is a brochure from our Fund Managers at Dynamic Mutual Funds, which outlines details on world events over the past twenty years. We hope this will help you better understand the flow of the markets and how they have always recovered. Our job is to protect you in the downside and take advantage of these events by staying, investing and adding capital if you can to your investments. Our managers are working hard to protect your investments and are leveraging the downside. We are here to answer any questions you may have, feel free to call Tara or I should you like to discuss your situation.



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