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Telling Stories

Lifestyle Farming Newsletter

Almost everybody knows somebody that really likes to tell stories. That one person who has a story for everything. Sometimes when you know they are about to begin a new story, you may think “Not another story”, but then maybe you catch yourself recalling these stories on more than one occasion. What is it about stories that stick with us? Why do we remember them so well even when we might not have been fully listening?

Stories form a sense of connection, and it is human nature to want to feel connected. When we feel connected to someone, we can feel invested in their story. This makes stories a powerful teaching tool.

A lot of Allied clients have stories about their rich farming history and when we have been lucky enough, they have shared some of their wonderful stories with us. Stories are meant to be shared, especially good ones, so we want to share some good ones with you. Or, if you are willing, maybe you will share your story with us.  

Today I would like to tell you about Gary Betzner. Gary is a 10th generation farmer and there are 3 generations on his farm right now. His family’s first farm in Canada, was in 1817 in the Waterloo region. His family were dairy farmers until 1971. After 1971, it  was pig farming for a little while and now cattle. When I asked Gary what farming meant to him, he just replied “I love it”. 

Click on the link below to see Gary’s history. Thank you, Gary, for sharing your story with us. 

Betzner History

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