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Who likes to Read?

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Books for me are a chance to escape into another world or adventure I could not have imagined on my own. I can pick up a book and be transported to the other side of the world and sometimes you get so lost in the book you feel like you can taste the tea they are drinking or smell the spices they are describing in detail. Words are powerful and the imagination is a beautiful thing.

Reading for me feels like a guilty pleasure. There are a million things I could be doing instead of reading my book, but along with the obvious benefits of reading (increases knowledge, vocabulary, memory) it is also a great stress reliever. When you read a great story, everyday concerns seem to slip away and divert your mind from the stresses of the day. I know Summer for Farmers can be extremely busy and free time can be limited, but if you are looking for a quick mental holiday pick up a book.

If you are looking for some suggestions of what to read here is the Globe and Mail’s Summer Reading list.

Summer Reading List

For those of you that would prefer to listen while you work try audiobooks or here is a list of some trending podcasts to listen to.


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