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Are the winter blues getting to you? Thumbnail

Are the winter blues getting to you?

Wellness with Tara Newsletter

Open a new window somewhere in the world

Lockdown is weighing on our mental health with no relief in sight. In the past, when winter arrived (if we had available funds) we could take a much-needed vacation to change our scenery. Now we are not going anywhere. While we must stay home, maybe we are working on changing our mindset to stay positive and it is hard.  Some of us are trying new recipes, playing more board games with kids and trying out stay at home date nights. 

 All great ideas, but if we are feeling a little stir crazy and try gazing outside to uplift our mood, the dreary winter sky does not exactly inspire warm feelings. Instead, it might leave us longing for tropical vacations and days of freedom.

Well, hold on to your daydreaming vacations because some wonderful person has come up with a genius idea. It’s called WindowSwap and it was created by a Singapore-based couple to inspire armchair travel. It is a website that collects 10-minute video shot by users around the world of the view from their window. Whether it is the Tuscan sunsets or the Mediterranean Sea, the views will offer you a mental health holiday from our uninspiring winter skies. So put a smile on your face and travel the world from your armchair. 


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