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Woodstock Outdoor Farm Show Thumbnail

Woodstock Outdoor Farm Show

Farming Newsletter

I know summer is still in full force and hopefully you are really enjoying yours, but I do want to mention an event coming up this fall. The event is the Woodstock Outdoor Farm show in September. I am excited to tell you this year we are going to be there Sept. 13 - 15. and we would love to see you there. We have great giveaways and prizes planned so you won't want to miss out. We are going to be doing a draw for a Yeti cooler that has a value of $400. We will also be playing a game to see how close you can guess the amount you will need to retire. The prize will be an Allied ball cap if you win and a giveaway if you don't, just for playing. After you come visit us there will be lots of exciting things to see like equipment demonstrations, livestock demonstrations, crop plot tours and special events. I have provided the link below with information about the show and how to get tickets so save the date in your calendar. 


Outdoor Farm Show

Call 1-519-673-1686