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Happy Anniversary!! Thumbnail

Happy Anniversary!!

Lifestyle Wellness with Tara Newsletter

Allied Financial Services 30-year anniversary 

I am very excited for our 30 year anniversary so I thought I would share some of the celebrations we have instore for you. Before I elaborate on the exciting news I thought maybe we should get Kirk's thoughts on his 30 year journey. 

Well, I’m 30 years older, a bit wiser, and happily married to love of my life, three grown kids, and seven beautiful granddaughters and still very passionate about our Clients and their Families.  


Celebrations to Come

1. Read your newsletters. Starting in March every newsletter will have a trivia question on a detail from the last newsletter.  Email your answers to me at trobbins@alliedfinancial.com and if you get all 11 answers right you will be in a draw at the end of the year. What is the prize? 
A two night stay at the Elmhurst Inn (or if that is too far for you, a place closer to home, of similar value)

2. We will be coming by to see you throughout the year to say thank you in person and deliver a small gift as an appreciation for your trust in us. 

3. We know how remarkable our clients are...farming, raising families and teaching the next generation. That is why to celebrate we would like to feature stories in our newsletters on some of the wonderful clients and their stories. 


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