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Who likes to Read? Thumbnail

Who likes to Read?

Books for me are a chance to escape to into another world or adventure I could not have imaged on my own. I can pick up a book and be transported to the other side of the word and sometimes you get so lost in the book you feel like you can taste the tea they are drinking or smell the spices they are describing in detail. Words are powerful and the imagination is a beautiful thing.

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Let's Talk Insurance Thumbnail

Let's Talk Insurance

You've signed the mortgage papers, and now the lender asks: "Would you like mortgage insurance? Before you put pen to paper, make sure you know the facts about the coverage you are considering. Chances are you will do better to protect your mortgage with a personal life insurance policy.

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Farm Safety 2022 Thumbnail

Farm Safety 2022

Every year in March, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association delivers Canadian Agricultural Safety Week to assist Farmers prepare for the new season. Farmers know how important safety is for the lively hood of the farm and the topic has probably been on their minds as the labour intense season has been approaching

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